Google second page – A perfect place to hide a dead body

Google Second page

Google second page – A perfect place to hide a dead body

The one that is visible can only be sold…is an old but a true saying. Wondering How? One of the best examples of this is googles second search result page.

A brands name on the first page of Google’s search result is an indicator of an active marketing strategy. On the contrary a page second result on googles search greatly shows an impact of dead marketing strategy.

How many of us have ever bothered to check page second of the google search result. I think not even 10 percent of the traffic on internet has ever visited page 2. Hence it’s natural to believe that search visibility is the indicator of good marketing strategies.

As per the research the first result on google search result gets 32.5 percent of the traffic, while the percentage falls to as low as 7.5 percent till the third result, Imagine the plight of page 2 results.

Hence Search Engine optimization comes into picture to increases the visibility of your website and to grab your prospective customers attention. As the increased visibility means increase in business and increased business means greater revenues. The ways to do search engine optimization includes appropriate marketing, creating backlinks or tweaking websites.

Online reputation management: It is important to maintain your credibility and reputation via online marketing. This helps to enhance the search visibility.

SEO and Mobile friendly website with high-quality content: a well designed website is of utmost importance for better search visibility. It is important to have a SEO and mobile friendly website.

Site speed optimization: It is important to optimize site speed as a reduced speed leads to lack of interest and increases the bounce rate

Social Media: Social media plays a pivotal role in generating traffic. More traffic more business

Creating a sitemap: In order to guide the Google crawlers in a better way, it is important create site map.

Advanced link wheel:  Nowadays the old SEO techniques have become redundant, Advances link wheel strategy helps to higher position in search engine platform.

If you wish to gain media’s attention towards????? The said tools are in vogue.


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