Digital marketing V/S Traditional marketing

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Digital marketing V/S Traditional marketing

Traditional marketing ruled for decades and is still there in the market but is it traditionally too old??  Or is digital marketing new to India?? So let’s begin the never ending debate of traditional marketing v/s digital one.

Let’s try and unfold the mysterious secrets of marketing:

Traditional Digital

·         Print media

(Newspaper, magazine ads, newsletter, brouchers etc)

·         Broadcast media

(TV and radio ads)

·         Direct Mail

(Catalogues and post cards)




·         Website’s

·         Social Media sites

·         Content marketing

·         Blogging

·         Banner ads

·         Google ads

·         Video marketing

Let’s begin the agitation with some simple questions:

  • Which medium is more cost effective?
  • Which medium can reach target customer more effectively?
  • What people prefer to go for before purchasing a stuff, Search Engine or Brouchers?
  • Do people spend more time reading newspaper or exploring Facebook ?

Digital Marketing Stats

  1. Mobile Movement- The rise of Smart Phone

Rise of smartphone is creating consumer smarter, creating more opportunities for smarter marketing which in turn has become the biggest reason for success of digital marketing . Digital Marketing Stats

Smartphone have become ultimate shopping companion. Seventy nine percent customers use smartphone for shopping concern. No one hardly give eyes to the advertisement in the morning newspaper these days.

Out of the 79% using smartphone for Shopping:

  • 70% use while in store
  • 54% use to find the retailer
  • 48% use for checking promotions and coupons
  • 44% to read review and product information
  • 34% to check in store inventory
  1. Can reach target customer more effectively

We all must agree over the period of time these search engines have become so effective and accurate that 91 % people rely on search engines for almost every service they look for. So what happens when customer types in the search engine? Lets assume customer search for  “NIKE SHOES in DELHI”

Google Search

When people uses search engine for something that is relevant for them we get the complete picture of what the search engine visitor is looking for. For example lets analyse the picture NIKE SHOES in DELHI.

nike shoes

So for a person who is selling Nike shoes in Delhi, the visitor is not a random visitor for him he is an ideal visitor looking for exactly what he is selling , this is  how the visitor is most likely to get converted into customer.  So technically speaking a person selling Nike shoes in Delhi location can easily use keyword “Nike shoes in Delhi “as it is a keyword for promotion and whenever a visitor will search in the engine his webpage will reflect on the top of the list of search engine page and if any website is reflecting on the first page chances of getting business gets high.

The beautiful side: – Let’s assume only 4 out of 400 visitors turn into customers, that’s less than 1% so it’s pretty conservative. Four customer a month becomes 4*12=48 customer a year. That’s a Jackpot!!!!

  1. Social media- The Pillar of Marketing

Social media

Trends of marketing are changing and so it’s the customer preference and way of selection. Gone are the days when people use to trust on advertisement and commercials, now it’s the new era of RECOMMENDATION. Yes people go by recommendation and reviews. To watch a beautiful face promoting perfume on television is different but when the time of  selection come people turn towards the internet to look for reviews and rating.

Mob check for Facebook pages, number of likes, recommendations on LinkedIn etc. before taking the decision. Social media is true new face of corporate communication which cannot be ignored any-more.

  1. 24/7 Internet- A marketing medium that never sleeps

WWW never sleeps and so does internet marketing, a person working in a BPO with limited resources might be having a smartphone in his hand at 2o clock in the night can be a potentional customer or a housewife searching 2 in the afternoon. In this fast moving world of cut through comptetion every single second of our 24 hour is important, so here our 24/7 available digital marketing comes into action/picture.

  1. Go global- Its here and everywhere- time to export

Internet make the boundaries go virtual, in today’s world everyone wants to expand their business on every possible platform. A good quality product or service just need right exposure to be recognized globally. So it’s time to go for the strategies of marketing out of the box and represent your brand or organization globally, look for people or organizations to provide you the best optimized services to the level of your comfort which should suit your company interest as well as should suit your earnings.

I would be keen to hear your views on Online marketing challenges, perhaps I can provide some ideas in my next blog post and can turn to better solutions.

Happy Digital Marketing!


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