5 Reasons Why Your Digital Marketing Sucks

digital marketing suck

5 Reasons Why Your Digital Marketing Sucks


“Innovation needs to be part of your culture. Consumers are transforming faster than we are, and if we don’t catch up, we’re in trouble.” – Ian Schafer

New websites, apps, and tools evolve everyday making online marketing an ever progressing field. Though Digital marketing is exceedingly imperative for the growth of the small businesses yet most of the small businesses are unable to excel in online marketing. The reason for your inability to excel lies in your incompetence. Undoubtedly, your Digital Marketing probably sucks. Don’t lose your heart. You need to know the reasons leading to your failure and the methodologies to be adopted to overcome these flaws.

Reason #1: Your Inability to Optimize Your Website Properly?

For optimization of your website, have you taken all the possible measures? I bet you haven’t as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complex task. Here are certain proposals for you:

• Pick the right keywords. Head keywords being short and general possess ample competition. Enormous small businesses try to optimize for head keywords. Your aim should be optimization using medium-tail or long-tail keywords.

• Many of us confuse the keyword to be just a word. Practically, keyword is much more than a word because when a potential customer goes to Google, he/she searches for the appropriate information answering his/her queries irrespective of not wording the question correctly. Therefore, keyword should be perceived as a question.

• Considering reoccurrence of keyword doesn’t make the content approachable. Context in which the key words are used is excessively important.

• Using H1 tags and image tags is necessary. Only by using the keyword, you might lose other opportunities.

Reason #2: Ignorance of the Analysis of Your Results

Putting up a website and using social media and not bothering to observe the repercussions of the marketing efforts reveal your avoidance of your enhancement. For example-people might be approaching certain businesses through clicking an ad or through social media or an organic search. Therefore, reviewing the data provided by the Google Analytics revealing meticulously the methodology adopted by the people to reach you is important. Such a detailed analytics is also provided by the Facebook .Certain steps which can be taken by you are as-

• Observe the Google analytics data to find out the pages which aren’t attracting the traffic. Also, find out the pages which are attracting the traffic. Work on the pages making people get detached.

• Identification of the kinds of content getting maximum likes and shares on a Facebook page is important. This helps you to review your Facebook pages.

• For customer engagement, check the response rates of the marketing emails and determine whether the engagement strategy prepared by you needs further amendments or not.

Reason #3: You are not Examining Your Page Based on the Data

After collecting the data from the Google Analytics and other sources, it is important for you to scrutinize the data collected. For improving your marketing strategies, knowing the customers’ response towards your website is important. Also, knowing about the customers’ commitment towards your social media posts and email helps you make rectifications in your already existing marketing strategies. Certain suggestions for you are as-

• Testing one element at a time is beneficial. For example-if you feel that your action towards a query is the problem, formulate a new action and test to see whether the new version is better than the old one or not

• Make a new social media strategy for yourself. For example- If you observe that written posts are getting a much higher engagement rate than the photographs, you can increase the number of written posts you share. This would make the customers engage actively and in turn, would increase your customer engagement. The same research and an action plan have to be prepared for the days of the week or times of the day.

• For elevating your reply rates, you need to get your test mails rewritten.

Reason#4: Your content isn’t appealing-

“Content is not king, but a president elected by the votes of those whom it aims to rule.” – Raheel Farooq

Many business organizations digress from the path of success because of not possessing the ability to create great content. Creation of an excellent content can make you earn laurels in Digital Marketing. Advices for you are as-

• Engaging customers consistently can be done by regular blogging. Blog should comprise of the information that adds value to your customers. A video, an explanation of a product or a suggestion can only be applauded if it is relevant for the readers.

• Prepare a social media schedule and follow the same-An automatic scheduling option of Facebook can be used for your business.

• For any business to flourish, videos play a pivotal role. While preparing your budget, money should be allocated for the preparation of the videos because videos are exceedingly popular and shareable.

Reason#5: Your content isn’t engaging-

Social in social media plays an important role. These tips will help you enhance loyalty of the customers-

• Seek comments of your customers-the more the customers will comment the more would be the interaction making more people view your website.

• Avoidance of overreaction to the comments is important in Digital Marketing-the customers who register a complaint should be handled politely by you, setting an example for the others.

• Now acquire your desired results by revamping your Digital marketing!!Start finding the problems and fixing them. Which steps are being taken by you to enhance your Digital Marketing and what results have been acquired by you? Discussing your queries and outcomes in the comment’s box would be pleasurable.

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